Saturday, 31 March 2012

Welcome also to my 3D developments...

Here's a bunch of 3D images or animations that I have worked on in my spare time

Valhalla Classics - Intro animation
Valhalla was a game trilogy that started off on the Amiga platform developed by Vulcan Software but since the downfall of popularity of Amiga platform, Vulcan moved into PC developments, thus creating Valhalla Classics, a remake series of the Amiga versions consisting of improved graphics and sounds, thou one major thing was left out ... the great intros.  So I thought Id enjoy making a remake in 3D. Texture images are Copyright Vulcan Software Ltd.

Jean Michel Jarre type stage
I love Jean Michel Jarre's music and laser light shows, recently been to three of his concerts and loved each one. So I thought id make tribute by making a stage layout similar to what ive seen. Not finished..

STEPS - Logo 
Just thought Id look for a band logo to replicate.

Amiga Backdrops
Two AmigaOS4.1 backdrops based on the new Tron:Legacy film. 

Batman Begins - Tumbler 
This is the batmobile in the recent 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' Films. 4 hours to model, thou still not technically finish.

AmigaBox logo design

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