Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some Websites I've worked on.....

Ebay Auction Template
In the past couple of years I have bought and sold many items on eBay. To save time I produced a template and builder(PHP) to take simple information which then turns it into a full styled auction page which can then be copied into eBay. The page also includes a Courier Estimate which(due to eBay JavaScript restraints) calls an image from my server, this image builds a 'Live' list of possible postage prices by calling the Rest API from - - ACS Link page
These are a collection of sites that I worked on during my time as a volunteer at a charity computer centre. 

  • Studentuni was a Virtual Learning Environment using Moodle.
  • Lovesittingbourne is a WordPress site covering all the local aspects of the town of Sittingbourne including the WordPress business directory plugin.
  • The ACS Link page was a easy to use quick link for the customers visiting the centre, the page was outputted from a PHP script which identifies which centre is viewing the page and shows the appropriate links.

  • JMotion Project Page.
    For my 3rd year university computer science me and my team of five students developed a Java3D application to show how 3D aspects are implemented in Java. As an idea of document control I quickly put together a site that can accept documents and auto-categorise based on the correct document reference coding. The second function of the site was to generate a corpus of files ready for the course assessors, this detailed each file and displayed the percentage of work given by each student.

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